10 Signs Your Colleagues Secretly Dislike You

While some coworkers may have no problem letting you know they despise you, others will try to remain diplomatic and professional, and will hide those hard feelings.

We have comprised a list of subtle signs your colleagues secretly dislike you. Try to remember that you may just be misreading their body language or tone; however if you notice you’re the only person on the receiving end of these behaviors, it probably means they that unfortunately, they don’t want to spend time with you.

1. They don’t acknowledge your company.

If your coworkers greet you when you arrive at the office, or bid you a nice evening when they leave, that may be their way of saying they don’t like you.

2. They don’t smile when speaking to you.

Everyone has the occasional mood swing or bad day. However if your coworkers seem to be making a conscious effort not to smile when you are in the same office or room, something is not right.

3. They avoid you.

If you notice that your coworkers take the stairs when they see you waiting for the elevator, or they wait until you return from the break room before they head in, those are good signs they’re trying to avoid you.

4. They omit negative body language around you.

It can be anything as small as an eye roll, or constantly speaking to you with folded arms (a closed off body language), or they don’t look up from their work when you go in, your coworkers’ body language will often reveal their true feelings towards you.

5. They never invite you to social events.

If you never get invited for lunch, after work drinks, or project meetings over coffee, your colleagues may be trying to send you a message.

6. They communicate with you primarily via email, even though you sit close by.

If your coworkers don’t like you, they’ll probably try to limit their in-person communication with you. If you notice a shift toward more digital correspondence, it can be a red flag.

7. They always disagree with your opinion or idea.

Incessantly shooting down your ideas is a sign they don’t like you. If it feels like someone disagrees with every idea you have put forward, then it’s often because their dislike is so strong that they are biased against anything you suggest, even when it’s a great idea.

8. They never ask about your life outside of work.

If you are noticing signs that your coworkers speak about their hobbies or family, however never discuss these topics with you, sadly they’re probably just not interested in hearing about your life.

9. They take the credit for your work.

These types of colleagues could just be “glory stealers”. However if they go out of their way to take the limelight from only you in your team, they may be attempting to drive you out of the team, or company!

10. There’s a lack of trust in your working relationship.

If you’re questioned excessively about your motives or your colleagues only offer information that is absolutely essential, they may be trying to secretly sabotage your career at the company.