Teamwork Boosts Productivity in the Workplace

According to a study conducted by HR researchers in the UK, have found that it is preferable for businesses to reward overall team effort over individual performance.

Using concepts of group mind-set vs. individuals, an interesting experiment conducted on hens can perhaps be applied to a business environment. It was found that breeding hens and allowing them to live and eat together resulted in a happier brood that generally had longer life spans and produced better quality eggs.

To apply these findings to fit a business environment, the researchers created over 13,000 games designed to imitate various types of group situations in the workplace, examining the effects of individual and group rewards on individuals.

The findings show that providing groups with rewards and encouraging teamwork not only produces more co-operation, higher performing groups and generally more overall satisfaction than individually rewards, it also results interestingly in increased performance among individuals.

Why is this? Group rewards produce the top-performing individuals, most likely because of supportive collectivism that most people find rewarding and reassuring. The report goes on to states that Individual rewards produce non-co-operative groups of people in the workplace who end up wanting to compete and exploit each other. Team workers are not lazy; rather they sacrifice themselves for the overall needs of the team, whose value isn’t measured by individual performance.