Appraisal Reviews: Are They Relevant in the Modern Workplace?

According to a recent report, a mere 4% of HR Managers think that performance reviews (or appraisals) are effective, however don’t be ready to scrap them just yet! As a matter of fact, following US tech giant Microsoft’s approach to scrap performance reviews, can create a significant decline in productivity, according to new research conducted by Recruitment Company Reed in the UK.

Just under half (46%) of 8,000 Managers and Employees surveyed stated they thought that “substantial alterations or a complete overhaul” was necessary of their current appraisal system which was called “old fashioned, unreliable and too complicated”.

However, overall the results found that productivity of companies who abandoned performance appraisals dropped by almost 15%, and increased the percentage of employees leaving. The study also found that 9% fewer employees thought pay rises were fairly assigned and less than 5% of Managers felt they could effectively manage their teams without a rating system.

The research is definitely flawed- it did not ask respondents why they felt the way they did, nor did it ask companies why they stopped using appraisals, or what was being used to replace them which could have accounted for the negative findings.

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