Outdated Job Search Tactics That Won’t Help You Find Work

If you haven’t been a part of the job hunting world for a few years, you may be surprised with how the current talent market is operating; job seeking has radically transformed in recent years. In early the 2000’s everyone started filling out job applications online and then waiting to hear back from recruiters by email. In today’s current job market, this is no longer the best way to conduct an effective job search.
We have comprised 4 outdated job search tactics that are not helping job seekers like they used to:

Career fairs

Career fairs & employment expos used to be a great way to get noticed by prospective employers; nowadays recruiters are no longer putting emphasis on these types of events. Interviewing candidates live at job fairs stopped becoming the norm and started to be about handing out leaflets with all the company’s online contact details. We recommend skipping this step and going straight to finding out this information online.

Contacting CEOs on LinkedIn

When LinkedIn was established in 2003, you could easily reach out to someone from a company and ask them to refer you. Now that there are more than 500 million users on the platform, this isn’t the most personalised approach anymore and can come across as spamming. Use your online network to help find Recruitment Managers for your target companies, rather than going straight to the CEO.

Sending irrelevant online job applications

With this type of ‘testing the water’ approach to job seeking, recruiters are inundated with unsuitable CVs that will never even get to the interview stage. Smart candidates customise their approach to job seeking by focusing on particular sectors and learning about the main companies in that field to deliver a personalised and relevant application.

Using the same CV for every job application

No-one is qualified for one specific job only. The experience and knowledge gained from previous places of work mean that are qualified for a range of different positions; however your CV has to make that clear. You will make it clear by tailoring your CV for each opportunity you apply for!