What is Costing HR Departments Millions Every Year? Automation


As the trend of digitalisation grows there is also another side of the coin within the recruitment sphere; even though the processes are supposedly becoming easier with automation it’s actually getting harder to discover talented candidates that are also the right match for the company.

This has been a key test for recruitment departments recent surveys for wellness in the workplace charity; all interviewed business managers think that it is more difficult to source qualified experts in general, and 90% of top managers think that it’s all the more difficult to discover talented applicants in 2018 – contrasted to the previous five years.

Notwithstanding this constant hunt for talent, how can it be that many looking for a new role say they are suitable applicants, yet organisations appear to be hesitant to make an immediate decision due to the sheer number of applicants to get through.

Over half of interviewed Singapore-based job searchers in Singapore stated they have taken a lower offer position in light of the fact that a better offer took too long to make an offer.

There is a disconcerting pattern that in the current tight environment many companies are facing, numerous businesses are inadvertently missing out on many potential specialists with HR departments failing to make decisions and offers in a timely manner.

In any case, there are a couple of approaches graduates and job hunters can take to avoid delays in their unemployment period and stimulate managers to pick up that phone to make you that offer!

Employment candidates should stay in the meeting until the point they are certain they have made all their most persuasive arguments in their favour; and have double checked the next stages in the enrollment procedure.

This enables applicants to address any worries the company may have before they settle on a salary and benefits package. Similarly, Managers should change their hiring procedures for the present applicants to keep up with the high number of well qualified applicants.

While it might be tedious for hiring managers to learn an entire new paper-free way of working; organisations need to look towards streamlining the initial outreach to final job offer, the quickest and most convenient way is to digitise them. Singapore is the leader in technological advancement, this is where HR departments have seen a quick rise in more software based HR functions.

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