The Leadership Vs Boss Debate & How to Achieve Success Within Your Team

A good leader will always receive more devotion and efficiency from his employees than a Manager who does not lead. That is why many companies than ever before are looking how to get their management teams to work as leaders. In order to achieve great leadership there are 3 potential aspects to focus on to replace the ‘boss attitude’ and become a leader.

Take time to get to know your employees: Make a point to learn all there is to know about your employees. Get to know small details like their nickname, their family details, hobbies etc. To connect on a personal level it has to be nurtured as a two-way relationship and questions should be asked with genuine interest to avoid it feeling like an interrogation. Essentially, leaders should open up to their staff; by sharing your own issues make you more relatable and less archaic.

Nurture & impart mutual trust: For your team members to give 110% in the workplace, they should trust you unequivocally. To reach this level of trust, this trust should start with you. Micro managing an individual who is constantly missing targets is understandable, however if they have never given you reason to doubt their trust, could be the biggest mistake you can make. You need to create a culture of mutual trust not only between you and them, but also amongst themselves. When team members trust each another there is no room for professional bitterness, jealousy or sabotage.

Develop strategies to optimise your current team: Working as part of an effective team means using each member according to their strengths. Instead of focusing on what an individual can’t do well and waiting for ‘new talent’ focus on the positives and this really is one of the best attributes a leader can demonstrate. This will involve taking the time to establish the strengths and weaknesses of each individual in your team. Divide each task in a structured way where the responsible individual can use their strengths to contribute accordingly. It takes a high level of people skills to reach this strategising, however when you achieve it, the results will be overwhelming.