3 Tips to Ensure Your HR Department is Being Effectively Utilised

How is the HR department regarded in your company? As a mere administrative team that fill out and file forms? In recent years, experts have proven the value engaged and happy employees can have on a company.

As a Business Owner or Manager, how can you appreciate the significant purpose the HR department has in the selection, maintenance and growth of the human capital investment within your company? We have comprised several suggestions to help you increase the value of your HR department:


Be strategic and tactical with your knowledge

You can become a more conscientious business partner by increasing your business knowledge in other fields. Learn not only about Recruitment generally, but also other departments such as Accounting, Operations, Marketing, and how the business is positioned in the industry.

By being proactive in your approach with your professional development, you will improve your reliability and in turn the gain the support of Senior Management as you become a strategic partner.


Ensure your HR department support and believe in your goals as a company.

Consider that benefits, remuneration, training, recruitment, are not self-contained functions but rather directly linked to your company’s entire business strategy as a whole.

For instance, if your company’s main goal is to value your client’s and provide outstanding customer service, this should be engrained in the foundations of your employees, which will come only with HR support and understanding.


Make Human Resources a quantifiable asset.

Employees in your company may be viewed as an intangible asset, as their worth is hard to quantify. Contrast this with when company equipment is bought; and the cost and effect can easily be measured.

In order to fully integrate HR in your organisation, so you should be able to document and demonstrate in writing how human resource investments have a positive impact the organisation financially.