4 Workplace Issues HR Want you to Handle Alone

The first move you take after having conflict with a Manager or other Colleague at work may frequently be to head straight to the HR office. However, HR experts have found that this isn’t the best course of action and may not actually resolve your issues.

Here are 4 issues in the workplace that HR teams wish employees to handle without their engagement:

1. Dissatisfaction with a work assignment

If you are given a work assignment you don’t like, talk with your manager to get perspective on why you were given that task. Unless you feel there is favoritism or discrimination, or a fundamental breach of contract, it’s best to go directly to your Manager, for the reasons discussed above.

2. Office Conflicts

Working in a team with different personalities can be difficult, and disagreements can arise. Regardless, HR experts agree that the best way to handle this troublesome situation is to address your coworker directly. Ask them questions in order to get to the route of the problem; explain how their behavior affects you and discuss the impact of their behavior on your team. Involving HR Managers may leave your coworkers feeling betrayed further aggravating the issue, as well as spending HRs valuable time.

3. Management Complaints

Never go to HR with complaints about your Supervisor, as in this situation, HR will either encourage you to do one of two things; either talk directly to your Manager, or they will listen patiently and then establish a meeting with your manager and tell him or her that you’re unhappy with them. Gather courage and sit down with your manager when you’re feeling level headed about what is bothering you, without involving any higher level staff.

4. Questions Related to your Career or Performance

Employees think their manager knows about their career interests and aspiration however, unless you have discussed it directly with your boss, he or she doesn’t know. Large companies especially don’t inform their HR department about the individual idiosyncrasies of each employee and often don’t have first-hand knowledge of how well you are performing, so the best person to answer status questions related to a promotion is your manager.