5 Essential Work Skills that can’t be Taught

Many of the job skills employers look for do not require expensive training or degrees. If you are looking for new job opportunities, whether to be an invaluable asset to your current employer or to improve your promotion potential, it’s important to know which work skills are invaluable and what small step you can take to gain them.


Practice concise communication

It’s no secret that employers look for candidates with developed communication skills, however being concise is one of the most important soft skills you can acquire in the workplace; whether it’s in a meeting or a written email, succinct fact givers save everyone’s time at work. Anyone who can put their point across in as few words as possible are terrific candidates for managerial roles as they clearly possess good time management and can explain things quickly to others.


Having a high EQ (Emotional Intelligence)?

This is something that your Manager will be extremely grateful for; when certain team members are particularly proficient at reading and understanding others’ emotions generally speaking there will be less need to intervene and deal with the group upsets or dynamic readjustments. Having a high EQ is a highly valued but underestimated job skill.

Leaders will promote those with a high EQ into managerial positions much faster than those who don’t show any people skills.



Many think of mindfulness as something to only be done outside the office to rebalance life, however research has shown that this can be a dynamic skill used to transfer your productivity levels and decision-making abilities into the workplace.

There are many ways to nurture mindfulness. For example, by participating in guided meditation or yoga classes. However you can also practice mindfulness just by being fully in the moment or the task at hand. In other words, concentrate on the task at hand while understanding its importance.


Exert effort to have a positive mindset

No one likes a Debby downer in any environment! However an employee who still has a positive outlook even when given a difficult task is going to be appreciated time and time again.

This is not always easy however if you tend to focus on negative things rather than positive there are methods to turning that frown upside down. The Tiny Buddha listed habits that can help naturally generate positive thoughts, including:

  • Checking yourself for signs of overly negative thoughts often.
  • Being open to different types of humor.
  • Living a healthy and conscientious lifestyle.
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people.
  • Practicing reciting positive affirmations to yourself.


Conflict resolution skills

When working as part of a team, it’s inevitable that conflicts will arise from time to time; conflict does not have to mean a negative confrontation, it can offer the chance for both parties to consider new and different points of view. The ability to openly talk about uncomfortable situations or facilitate difficult conversations between colleagues can help everyone feel they have had their opinion heard. This generally helps reach a consensus and common ground wasting as little time as possible on rebuilding bridges or soothing hurt feelings.