5 Signs you Won’t be Getting an Acceptance Call

Some dishonest or unscrupulous companies can keep potential candidates in a recruiting pipeline for weeks or months when they actually have no intention of hiring. Why would they keep candidates waiting so long when they already know who they plan to hire? (If anyone).

There are several internal reasons a company could decide not to proceed with a candidate application, however unfortunately often many of these reasons have no reflection on the actual candidates ability and may be cash flow or structurally related.

If you ignore your instinct, you may feel inadequate when the inevitable rejection message is received, or even worse, no message at all, rather months of complete silence!

Follow our 5 signs to look out for, that show you may not be getting an acceptance call:

  1. They asked for your references, but never contacted them. They said “We’re preparing the offer letter” but that was three weeks ago. If you don’t feel valued when they’re trying to hire you, chances are, they never will.
  2. Perhaps the Hiring Manager agreed that your €26,000 salary request is fair and within budget, however come back to you stating they can only offer €22,000 with a €2,000 bonus target. This is bargaining at your expense, and shows the company’s willingness to compromise their own expenses over your initial request. You should not feel pressured to accept a lower offer in order to get the job!
  3. The interview went great; you answered all questions and seemed to get on with the department head. Then, 2 days later you see the same vacancy being relisted. Perhaps your skills were exceptional; however the company may be looking for a cheaper version of you. This happens! And of course they won’t give you the real reason your application was not successful, time to move on.
  4. Every time you think you’ve come to the end of the hiring process, another hurdle appears. First it was a pre-employment vocabulary test. Then after two rounds of interviews you are requested to send a PowerPoint presentation, assignment or mock marketing plan with a lengthy word count. If you are still waiting to receive feedback on that assignment, chances are they are using you for free material or ideas for internal projects.
  5. You made it passed the second round of interviews, and were given great feedback on both occasions, however you were called back for a third interview, this time with two heads of department. When asked you how you’d solve the company’s prevalent problems, they take detailed notes while you put forward your best ideas. Why would they take notes if they plan on hiring you? They wouldn’t, for reasons specified in the fourth point, above.