5 Things Employers Wish Job Candidates Wouldn’t Do

Here are 5 things employers wish job seekers wouldn’t do. Are you guilty of some of these? It could be costing you from closing that dream position. The job hunting market is hard enough, why make it any harder for yourself?

1. They confirm a date for interview, miss it, reschedule a new date and then send an email the day of the interview saying that something has come up and they can’t make it pressing appointment today and can’t make it.

2. Showing up to a job interview unprepared, without reading or developing an understanding of what the company does, and therefore without formulating a single question for the employer. Usually the final question is “do you have any questions for us?” you should always have at least one question prepared to ask.

3. When sitting down the first thing they ask is “Please remind me which position it was that I responded to?”

4. After going through numerous interviews and getting to the job offer stage, they state “the job I applied for doesn’t particularly interest me; I was more interested in the company and wanted to get my foot in the door. Will any other positions be coming up?”

5. After specifying a desired salary of a certain amount in order to accept the company’s offer, they receive a little over this amount, and later on just before signing the contract, then realise they wanted a ball park figure of somewhat more, so they negotiate and barter for a salary increase before even starting. All job seekers should be clear before accepting a position of what income would be satisfactory.