5 Things You Could be Doing to Jeopardise Your Promotion (2)

Whether you realise it or not, bad habits could be harming your reputation in the workplace. Below are 5 behaviors that will slowly erode your credibility and prevent you from being considered for a promotion you may think is due.

This is a 2-part article. Did you read our previous 5 points?

6. You send abrupt emails.

Even if you are extremely friendly and outgoing in person, sending abrupt language via email can easily be misinterpreted by the recipients. It may be unintended, but short, snappy emails send the wrong impression, especially to those colleagues you are working with remotely and may not get to see your true character in person. This will quickly tarnish your reputation with your fellow coworkers and management team, which will deter them from wanting to talk to you. Take the time to write thank you, or wish someone a nice day. Take the time to explain why you are unable to complete a task instead of just stating “No.” One simple line can really make all the difference.

7. You procrastinate on joint projects.

By regularly postponing your side of the work on group work until the last minute not only puts unnecessary stress on yourself, it also obstructs progress being made by your team members who are relying on your share of the work. If anything goes wrong or needs further work, there will be little time to correct it and you will be the first name brought up when discussing where the downfalls occurred.

8. You always arrive late.

Recurrent tardiness indicates to your team members that your life outside work is more important than your job that you don’t value their time. It sends the wrong impression as appearing impolite and indifferent, which in turn will stop management trusting you and seeing you as a responsible employee.  This point is probably the most basic and fundamental of all 10 recommendations!

9. You do not reply to emails.

Failing to respond to emails in a timely manner not only bothers those who need your assistance, it also suggests to your Managers that you are disorganised, or worse apathetic. The habit of not replying can make you forget the task in the first place and therefore miss the deadline, and is generally unprofessional. While responding to every email as soon as you receive it is unrealistic, making an effort to stay on top of your inbox will be noticed and appreciated in the long term.

10. You are impolite to coworkers who are below you.

Having a good work ethic will not matter if no one wants to complete tasks for you. Not only does rudeness to your peers or interns can be isolating, and the majority of Management will not tolerate insensitive or abrasive employees. A key point to remember is that being polite will make people like you, and therefore much more willing to help you out, which will make your life at work a lot easier!