5 Things You Could be Doing to Jeopardise Your Promotion

It goes without saying anyone can make big mistakes that can instantly ruin your reputation at work or even get you fired for gross misconduct. However more commonly, it’s the accumulation of missing basic social cues that may prevent employees from your progressing in your position.

Whether you realise it or not, bad habits could be harming your reputation in the workplace. Below are 5 behaviors that will slowly erode your credibility and prevent you from being considered for a promotion you may think is due.

1. You don’t try to adjust to the culture of the company.

Every office functions under a unique set of collective customs. Understanding them may not seem like the most important task, as long as you are completing your work, right? Actually this is not the way to move forward; without making an effort to take this culture on board can make you come across as judgmental or critical. This type of attitude can be isolating to your new colleagues and can make it seem like you don’t want to form positive relationships in your team or company.

2. You always complete only the bare minimum.

You may be a punctual employee that never misses deadlines, always submitting good quality work; however if you only ever do the bare minimum can makes you appear complacent to your Managers. Instead, try to use your initiative to look for new opportunities to present themselves. This shows that you are a motivated employee who cares about their future at the company.

3. You dress scruffily.

Once you have been in your position for some time, it’s common for you to make less emphasis on your outfit every morning. However, by not putting effort into your appearance can make others undermine your reliability and aptitude and emits an “I don’t care” attitude. Remember the saying “dress for the job want, not the job you have” and refer to this in the long-term.

4. You’re an eternal pessimist.

If you make it a habit to always have a negative attitude, you can quickly become an annoyance to your Manager, not only this but it can drain your colleagues and whole team. By persistently being the one to complaining eventually makes you unpleasant work and spend time with, and certainly doesn’t say “I am the perfect candidate for this position!”

5. You easily get defensive.

No team should be expected to agree with each 100% of the time, however if you get defensive by receiving negative feedback from your peers or Manager can come across as childish and unprofessional. By showing that you to listen to everyone opinion or constructive criticism, it shows you are continuously looking to improve yourself and your work.

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