5 Toxic Personality Types to Avoid at Work

You will meet a lot of different types of personalities at your place of work, who you have to spend a lot of time with. We have comprised a list of colleagues that you may not have the pleasure of knowing. Spending time with the wrong people at work could not only hinder your personal happiness, but also professional development.

Learn how to identify those toxic personality types so you can limit your contact with them at work as much as possible.

Erratic Personality Types

Some colleagues you may encounter in the workplace have a hard time controlling their emotions. When the workload increases they will act in a temperamental way, one moment they will be calm, the next they will be lashing out at you and projecting their feelings onto you, making you believe you are the cause of their discontent. Erratic people are hard to steer clear from as their lack of control over their emotions makes you feel as though you have to help them.

Personalities Who Play The Victim

Victims are hard to identify as primarily you may empathise with their difficulties. However as time progresses, you start to realise that their “time of need” is never ended. Victims naturally reject any personal accountability by making every small bump in the road they encounter into an uncross-able foothill. They can’t seem to view rough times as an opportunity to learn, rather, as a way to escape. This can be especially hard to deal with if they are a member of your team and you may often feel added pressure to carry these individuals as well as manage your own workload.

Manipulative People

Manipulators take time and energy out of your life by disguising it as friendship. These can be the most tricky to deal in the workplace as they may treat you like a friend rather than colleague. They may make efforts to get to know your personal life and what makes you happy; however what you have to look out for is when they use this information against you in times of need. They are often the most toxic types of people to deal with in the workplace who will do seemingly anything to win you over just so they can walk over you at work.


These personality types take pleasure from spreading office gossip; other coworker’s news or adversities. At first it may be fun to peer into others professional mishaps; however these people are best to steer clear from. It will become apparent who these people are and many will want to avoid them, by befriending a gossiper or spending too much time with one, will make others tar you with the same brush. This will not be good for you not only from a professional standpoint, but also a personal one as others will also start to avoid you too.

Arrogant Types

Arrogant colleagues are toxic in the workplace, as they see everything you complete as a personal challenge. Arrogance is usually false confidence, and always disguises huge insecurities, which overtime can in turn cause huge problems for yourself. A University of Exeter study found that arrogance is associated with massive problems in the workplace. Arrogant personality types tend to be under performers, more likely to disagree with management, and have more mental issues than the average person. This is another reason to stay away from these types of people in the office.