5 Warning Signs of a Bad Company That You Can Spot During the Interview

Unfortunately, not all companies are the Google of employers and can offer their staff members free lunches prepared daily on-site by a chef or provide company cars with an unlimited fuel allowance. Far from it, often newly established companies struggle to even pay their staff salaries on time; however of course they will not tell you this outright when you interview for them.

Bad employers have to become sneaky at selling candidates on their professional opportunities and company benefits. Remember that during an interview, it’s not only the recruiters job to see if you will be right for the company, it’s also the candidates chance to interview the company to see if they’re worthy of your time and dedication.

Don’t be fooled; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Below are some common lies or red flags deceitful recruiters tell candidates to get them to accept a job at a sub-par company:

1. “I know this particular role doesn’t sound too stimulating; however it’s a great company with many promotion opportunities that will pay you more and give you more responsibility after you’ve proven yourself.” Usually an opportunity looks good from the outset, not 2 years down the line.

2. Being told you are a stretch candidate for the position you’re interviewing for, and that there are many more talented individuals with a lot more experience than you also interviewing for the role. If they make you an offer at all, you should be jumping at the opportunity!

3. As part of the assessment we would like you to create our entire 2018 marketing strategy and budget. If the assessment will take you longer than a few hours be extremely wary about completing it.

3. “We like you, however think you’re asking for too high a salary for your experience and qualifications. You should lower your asking price to become a more attractive candidate.” Any company that is trying to get you to lower yourself or your standards should be an immediate red flag.

Notice that the company has over 10 new vacancies listed in lots of different department? Could be that they’re expanding quickly or more likely that their employees are running for the hills. Do some more research and ask the right questions during the interview to get to the bottom of it.

Have you ever noticed any of these red flags when interviewing in a new company? What about ones not mentioned, comment below any warning signs you think demonstrate an employer isn’t being honest about who they say that are!