6 Signs you’re Going to Hate the Job

Almost everyone has been in a type of interview scenario where something feels too good to be true about the job proposal or just a strange feeling that something is off with the company in general. It’s these kinds of subconscious atmospheres or subtle hints that candidates should pay attention to.

Instinctual tendencies are something humans have developed over the years to naturally protect themselves, and this can even be transferred to an office setting! Its’ why something feels off after days of  speculation as to why it’s taking so long for the company to get back to you and make a proposal.

You already start to wonder why it’s taking so long; perhaps the company’s internal processes are slow and disorganised. Clearly, catching high calibre candidates is not their highest priority.

Here are 6 signs to carefully consider before hastily accepting a job offer that you could dislike the work processes, company dynamics or even worse, both:

  1. You have been battling the company’s recruitment minefield for weeks, attended group and individual meetings; completed online assessments, however still don’t seem to be any further to hearing back from them.
  2. Your recruitment manager seems to be besieged and tired.
  3. The recruitment manager cannot spell or pronounce your name even after weeks of interaction.
  4. No one from the company, either managers or employees that have been introduced to you seem to be particularly excited or happy, the office atmosphere seemed low energy.
  5. Even after so many interviews, you don’t fully understand the job role in itself, and neither do any of the hiring staff.
  6. The company has some bad reviews on job forums.

Ultimately, you know if somewhere doesn’t seem right, and these signs are some more obvious cues that the company won’t be the best place to spend your time. Be scrupulous in your search, and don’t be afraid to turn a position down if something seems off!