7 Things to Add to Your CV in 2018

The majority of CV’s are ineffective as they are written in dry corporate language only used for CV’s and company policy memos. Using dry, informal and only HR trigger words can remove the power from your professional story.

To put your power into your resume, you have to get rid of the corporate robot language in it and replace it with your own human voice.

Here are 7 things to add to your CV:


1.      A powerful & personal summary

Summarising yourself and your past achievements using full sentences in a succinct and proficient way can really set up the entire CV, leaving the job details (such as company name and experience earned) to add to your background. Don’t underestimate telling your story in a simple and powerful way.


2.      A relevant brand

The biggest branding statement in your resume is the job title you use at the top of your Summary. Choose a job title for a position you want, or customize your resume to use the job title you’re pursuing at each company.


3.      The word “I”

Using I will speak from your human voice, making your CV sound friendly and have a conversational tone as though you were speaking to your potential new Recruitment Manager directly.


4.      The use of full sentences

While it may be tempting to paraphrase and bullet point to keep your CV length short; however it is always best to write using full sentences to show potential new employers your writing and literate ability.


5.      Framing statement for every employer & role

By framing your previous employment organisations, the recruiter can clearly understand what the company’s line business was without doing additional research. By framing your last role, it explains why you joined the company and why you left your last job.


6.      Success stories from previous roles

Talking about previous times that you have excelled in a previous role is a short and succinct way to make a good first impression. Talking about your accomplishments and are not just merely listing the tasks or duties of the role.


7.      A link to your professional LinkedIn profile

Adding a photo to your CV is can be uncalled for and irrelevant, especially if applying for an office job. By adding your Linkedin URL to your CV and including it in the signature line lets those who are interested to know more find out. (As long as you have a well-presented profile photo!).

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