8 Things to Immediately Remove From Your CV in 2018

After reading the 7 recommended things to ensure you add to your CV in 2018, we have also compiled a list of things that are not necessarily required anymore in the modern recruitment world. Don’t take up valuable paper space on your CV with these unnecessary and amateur points!

Here are 8 things to remove from your resume right away:


1. Street Address

Your potential new employer doesn’t need to know your street name and number; email is being used now more than ever, perhaps in previous years this information would have been helpful for HR to send your new contract out to you, but nowadays all are e-copies. Keep your CV length more brief by providing only your city or town of residence.


2. An unsuitable or too informal email address

Make sure your email address provided is professional such as your name; save any nicknames for personal use only!


3. A previous employers branding from their website

When you describe each employer you used to work for, use your own description for the firm. It’s always best to describe what you think the company does in your own words, not what the company website says they do! Branding from the company is likely to be boring and turgid.


4. Menial tasks & duties

You can quickly use up a lot of space that wasn’t necessary by explaining something that didn’t really need to be explained; often a Recruitment Manager can deduce your basic tasks just by your job title! Explain how you left the firm a better place in your presence, instead.


5. An overly flattering list of adjectives

Resist the urge to praise yourself this way: “I’m an intelligent, marketing-minded individual.”

At this stage, the only positive attributes you should be listing are ones that you can reinforce with scenarios and examples of previous good work. You are not qualified to say whether you are smart and savvy, or not. Everyone who meets you gets to make that determination. Don’t stoop to praise yourself!


6. A long lists of bullet points

Bullet points are a great way to summarise a list of talents or attributes, however only to a certain point. Too many bullet points can do the opposite of what is intended and put your reader to sleep! You only need one or two to effectively portray the point you want to make, any longer and you risk losing the reader.


7. Old, irrelevant jobs

Remove positions you held years ago, particularly if they are not relevant to positions you’re wanting to pursue now.


8. Outdated or overly formatted styles

Unless you’re a applying for a job in an art related field, the simpler and more professional looking your CV, the better. Remove any 1980s-style flourishes in your CV and let the words do the influencing, not the fonts!

And remember, the more human you can sound on paper, the more compelling your interview and tone will be with the Hiring Manager, good luck! Need help with your CV? We have a CV optimisation and proofreading service that can help ensure you’re putting your best food forward.