How to Choose a Career Path that is Right For You

With a simple google search of “career choices”; 3.9 million results come up, that’s a lot of jobs and many different options. Where do you start when it comes to choosing a career path? Perhaps this decision, you will have to make more than once. Research shows that 40% of University graduates expect to have three or more different careers during their working lives, with 5% having more than five careers.

So, how to be when you choosing a career which is right for you?
When you embark, upon your path to career fulfillment, you need to spend some time to get to know yourself and your personality to discover who you really are. On the average, most people waste more time deciding on their next holiday destination, than they will spend on choosing a career!

Devote time to understanding what it is that makes you tick, what inspires, engages and excites you?

Other career related questions to consider:

  1. What are your values?
  2. What qualifications do you have?
  3. What soft skills do you possess?
  4. What personality type do you have?
  5. What motivates you?

Help with choosing a potential career path is available! You can try asking those that are closest to you, or you may want to consider undertaking some career quizzes and personality tests online that can help you decide the answer to these questions if you are not sure. Many career websites will be hugely insightful and will definitely help with choosing a career that is best for your temperament.

Take family and friends advice, they will of course be willing to help in choosing a career that you have decided; however, be careful not to let any online personality tests rule out a career path, only you should be the one to decide if something is not right. The only person who truly knows what type of choosing a career might interest you is you. Be honest with yourself; if something really inspires you definitely look into it! By the way, think about your salary, if you know that it plays a major role in your work, then you better choosing a career for money.

If you do to take choosing a career quiz, it’s important to bear in mind with any form of profiling, it is not a test; it is more of an opportunity to understand about your unknown skills and therefore should be treated as a super opportunity. It should be a wholly beneficial process and should only be used to correctly determine the perfect career for you.

Good luck! We have compiled a list of the most accurate personality and career quizzes from various websites online:
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If you ever need help choosing a career, you can immediately contact us.