Tips on CV Creation & Interview Preparation

When it comes to applying for a job and preparing for an interview, there are some simple but extremely important tips that you should be aware of.

It is well known that HR Managers can receive hundreds of CVs for every job offer, therefore their first task is to get rid of the least competitive ones, and start to look at some of the others in more detail.

One thing you have to take care with when writing a CV is the avoidance of any spelling errors. The CV needs to be short as as possible, with the length not exceeding two pages in most cases. You should include all the relevant work you have done for the specific job offer, but bear in mind that too many previous jobs on your CV can make it automatically less competitive, as recruiters may be concerned with your ability to stay in the same corporation.

When stating your skills, don’t include the ones that are commonly applied on all the CVs and for those you include give your arguments demonstrating why you consider them as such.

The interview:

You should always be prepared for the interview and the rule of thumb is “to prepare the answers for any possible questions”. People who present themselves relaxed and humorous in an interview always earn some points for the relevant position.

One traditional question asked by recruiters is “why we should consider you for this role”. Your answer must be well thought and convincing, as it will clarify how suitable you are to challenge the position and meet the demands required to perform to a high standard.

A recruiter often asks for weaknesses. In such a case, don’t give them a weakness that could sink your chance to get the job. On the one hand, they are looking to see whether you possess enough self-awareness with regards to your weakness but at the same time you should be able to be prepared to do something about it and try and turn it into a strength!

Last but not least, don’t forget to appear presentable! First impressions count; torn jeans or other less appropriate attire could often limit your chances to get the job.