Eltoma Recruitment Education Program

Here at Eltoma Recruitment we run a number of education sessions to assist both candidates and employers in the area of recruitment.

Focusing on the fundamental elements of the recruitment process to help you optimise your successful outcome.



Distance Learning Webinars covering:

An Introduction to the Recruitment Process, CV Drafting & Templates.


  • Understanding & importance of having a good CV & cover letter.
  • Drafting a well presented CV.
  • Areas to avoid.
  • Different CV types.
  • Drafting a cover letter.
  • Any hints & tips to ensure you have success.


Employers Perspective, the Recruitment & Interviewing Process.


  • Identify your staffing requirements.
  • Design an effective the job advert and job description.
  • How to attain best possible candidates for interviews.
  • The Interview Process.
  • Key next steps for your company’s recruitment process.
  • Helpful hints & Tips.


Employee Prospective – the Interview Process.


  • Preparing for an interview.
  • Taking care of personal needs.
  • How to respond in an interview environment.
  • Helpful hints & Tips.


You can choose individual webinars or select the full package.

Individual webinars – 25 Euros, full purchase – 3 webinars for 60 Euros, 2 webinars for 40 Euros.


Publications focusing on:

CV Submission, Publication & Applying for a Position.
• How to effectively use resources available to look for work.
• The role of social media, networking & creating an online persona.
• Dos & don’ts of the initial application and first impression stage.

How we can help you from here?

• 4 Steps to successful Employment.

These are available, free of cost to read in your own time to maximise your potential and success in the employment world!