Following up After Your Interview Could Land You the Role

In today’s competitive job market, sending a post-interview letter thanking the interviewer for their time can be the difference between getting called back for a second interview, and being disregarded.

However, over half of job seekers never send one. Lars Schmidt, Amplify Talent Co-Founder notes “If I don’t receive a note from a candidate after an interview, I assume they don’t want the position, or they are disorganised, and I’ll will most likely forget about them. The least you can do is thank an interviewer for their time.”

The main difference between a generic thank you note and one that stands out is the personal touch you add that makes it your own. This is the perfect time to remind the interviewer who you are, that you paid attention during the interview and would be the perfect candidate for the position.

Aside from “thank you for your time” here are other things you can mention:

1. Recap your skills, knowledge, and accomplishments
For example: “As we talked about today, I really think my design skills would be a great accompaniment to your graphics team and the projects you are currently working on.”

2. Discharge any potential doubts

For example you can state: “For over 10 years I’ve used a variety of different financial management software packages, and I am confident it wouldn’t take me any time to get to know yours, no matter how complex!”

3. Reference your conversation or any casual discussions that also took place
For example: “Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy your trip this weekend.”