How Controlling Your Emotions Can Significantly Improve Your Performance at Work

Corporate salaries and bonuses are typically correlated directly to workplace performance. Which makes sense after all, as the saying goes:

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Nevertheless, it becomes increasingly harder to measure the quality of leadership without some means of quantifying it. The fixation with quantifying and measuring responsibilities and goals has contributed to a shift in the managerial mindset. Leaders nowadays are so goal-oriented that they are beginning to lose touch with their feelings making them more strategic in their approach to work and less emotional. Being an effective Manager starts from within and who you are as an individual. Our personality is deeply rooted in our genetic make-up and emotional life.

For example, optimism is an essential element of survival, whether you are stranded in the wilderness or taking a business through tough economic circumstances. But that optimism has to be moderated with realism; in acknowledgement of the potential complications of the current project or task.

How to Activate Your Confidence:

1. Relive a time in your life when you felt confident.

The exercise is not about visualisation or imagining what it would be like if you felt confident, but about an observation of your feelings.

2. Try to switch the feeling back on.

How did you experience it? What are you actually feeling? Put descriptive features on the occurrences, such as location. Where in the body are you experiencing that consciousness, and how big is the perception?

3. Then move onto its colour.

The sound it makes, the intensity, the temperature, the way it moves. There isn’t a right or wrong answer here. The more you describe it, the more tangible it becomes.

4. Reinstall the sensation & embody it when you have a solid description.

Once you have captured it, you can turn that emotion on whenever you need it.

At the Olympics or in the boardroom, being able to turn on confidence two minutes before your race or Shareholder meeting is a genuine game changer. If we become more physically rational and focus on developing our emotional intelligence, we can improve our performance, make decisions with more clarity, and become increasingly authentic in our approach to work.