How to Avoid Feeling Overlooked in the Workplace

We’ve all been there at some point in our careers: the day after a seminar you worked tirelessly to execute successfully, or even at the end of a project completion and you do not hear a word of thanks or congratulations from your Management team.

So, how do you carry on with the same motivation or avoid feeling disheartened after feeling overlooked by your team or Manager?

There are thousands of recruitment articles online about how to negotiate a pay rise, how to prepare for interview questions, and even how to progress if you don’t get on with your Manager. Less often discussed workplace issues are how to deal with the everyday irritations and covert insults that leave you feeling unappreciated, and have unfortunately become commonplace in so many offices.


Try to Not Give Importance to a One-off Scenario

What may seem important to you may be of little to no significance to your Manager or department in general. Especially if this is the first occasion, try not to react or respond immediately and give yourself time to put the event into perspective, hindsight can be a wonderful thing!

Often times, when something seems like a premeditated insult is just inattention to details. You could try to forget your ego, think about why you like your job, and move on.


Give Your Manager the Benefit of the Doubt

A good Manager wants the best for their entire team, and that involves ensuring that everyone receives credit where its due, especially following the close of a big project. Try to imagine that while you’re busy your Manager will be twice as busy and may have overlooked the praise giving on this particular occasion.

Remember that a manager’s main task is to protect the members of their team and if you feel that a recurring problem is going on, they will be happy to hear your concerns and rectify their actions. Those who do not are not going to help you in your long-term career anyway so perhaps then start to look in other departments or a parallel role for someone that will help you.


Make Some Noise About Your Accomplishments

To avoid being unnoticed initially, you can comment on your contribution throughout the project or task. Sending emails or updating the company’s social media accounts with the progress as long as its shareable or relevant to the company development as a whole. (A bonus here is that the marketing department will also like you for taking the imitative to do it!). Just be careful not to appear too needy for praise.


Treat Others as you Wish to be Treated

Do you see a fundamental problem in your companies work culture? Well, be the change you wish to see! Try to be the colleague ensures that everyone is included in the praise. A thanks for even the smallest job will promote a feel-good affect that will resonate through the office soon enough. Positivity can be contagious, and leading the way with how you would like to be treated is sometimes the best way to resolve small workplace niggles.