How to Find Talented Employees Using Ethical Methods Without Stealing From Competitors

Stealing an employee from a direct competitor is disreputable for a company and in many instances it can have legal complications. As a recruiter, if you conduct yourself appropriately, direct competition will not be an issue and candidates are free to move positions. If a company is worried about retention of their own employees, it is their issue and should concentrate on creating an amicable work environment that will make their employees want to stay.

There are many ethical ways to search for talented employees without essentially taking them from another company. Below are several ways to find good talent without having to steal.

Conduct thorough research: Know your field of work; and your competitors, what companies are not doing well and looking to downsize. If possible, research even departments within companies, this way you are more likely to retain this information after reading it first-hand.

Recruit & advertise strategically: Your HR team will know the importance of posting attractive vacancies and finding for candidates online. Placing poorly written adverts will not allow you to receive the best candidates. It’s where you place that is important. What type of candidate you are looking for should determine where you place your adverts.

Be creative in your approach: Where you find your talent will set you apart from your competitors. Searching job boards is not going to get you the hottest talent, but coming up with new and unique methods can help you attract talented individuals. Attend graduate fairs, employment conferences, alumni listings, mailing lists, etc.

Network with other professionals: Referrals are the highest quality form of business for your company. Even if you don’t directly employ this individual/company, however how you interact with them will determine your partnership and whether they refer talent or clients to you.

This article can give you a basic overview to conducting yourself as the most ethical recruiter you can be. Ensure to keep your integrity, give respect and advertise high quality positions.