How to Improve Low Employee Morale in the Workplace

Do you feel there is a lack of consistency, initiative, and follow-through in your workplace? HR Managers in your company should be proposing incentives, bonuses, and monthly events such as parties or team building exercises to keep motivation high and employees wanting to work hard. However, what if performance is so low that rewards are not appropriate, read on to see how to improve morale and consequently productivity in your company:

While hosting parties for deserving employees is a nice idea, this will only be a temporary fix to a fundamental motivation problem. A lack of productivity in the workplace is caused by unhappiness and management’s attitude toward employees; this is where to start, poor relations between management and employees will certainly stop your company developing.
Start with holding appraisals and where you can afford, compensate hard work with bonuses. This will make employees feel respected and appreciated, this is a fundamental requirement in any company; showing appreciation respectively.
Of course not every company can afford to pay bonuses to each staff member after each performance review or appraisal. This doesn’t mean that you cannot provide initiatives to address performance and morale issues. Think carefully about the needs of your staff and try to tie them to your company’s goals. Link compensation to performance, for instance after a project has been completed, arrange a staff lunch. This will not break the bank, however by increasing performance, your company’s efficiency and revenues will increase, thereby resulting in reduced operating costs. That small employee lunch will pay for itself!
By introducing appraisal schemes, this will change the company process, which not everyone will agree with; perhaps causing some to leave. However the company will be much better off with a smaller team of incentivised employees rather than a large team who are underperforming. Once the basic building blocks have been established, you can then start to arrange social events and parties. This will improve relationships within your company and make people happy to come to work and work hard!