How to Progress if You Don’t get on With Your Manager

Are you often left out of important circular emails in the workplace? Have colleagues who started after you are given preferential treatment or have even been promoted before you? Perhaps you have inkling, or worse you have had meetings where your Manager has made their feelings clear to you: they simply do not agree with your values or like your working style.

Perhaps it’s not just you, is your boss an insecure bureaucrat or a meddling Micromanager that gives your peers an equally hard time and quickly makes the atmosphere toxic. Learning how to manage a difficult or incompetent Manager can make all the difference to your working day and the opportunities you create in the office moving forward.

How can you prosper and progress in this situation? It can be a precarious situation, but also a great learning experience to use these not so typical dispute resolutions:

When life gives you lemons..

Often at work, we tend to wish for an easy job with no problems. However the reality is that if we get a job like that, we run risk of it becoming extremely monotonous really quickly. So try to embrace your obstacles; if we don’t encounter obstacles and work through them, we have no way to grow as individuals or bond with your fellow peers.

Here, kitty kitty!

After getting into the right mindset, now to try the nice method: slowly draw your Manager out of this negative space by showing them you are a trustworthy and conscientious employee. You won’t do this by going above them or speaking to HR about your doubts. Consistently ensure that your team are performing to the standards set and in 6 months’ time see where you stand.

Ask for advice, even if you don’t need it

Would never take that incompetent idiots advice? That’s the energy you are subconsciously omitting. For now, need his advice, be open to new learning and everyone has their own area of expertise, really try to draw it out of them even if it’s not apparently obvious.

As a last resort: consider other options

If you really have exhausted options of genuinely befriending your Manager and things still haven’t turned it around to a positive note, it will be extremely hard to ever progress competing with your team or not; perhaps it’s best to consider other work opportunities. You may find that the less time you have to dwell on your current work situation, the less your Manager will bother you. Not only that, but seeing alternatives may make you more grateful for your current situation.

It will take time and strength but the right attitude in the workplace can really work wonders with relationships, and you may find that over time you find a way to work together and better still: respect your Manager on a professional level.

Remember that these situations are allowing you a character building opportunity, a reason you will never be bored, and additionally gaining power over your current circumstances.