How to Remain Focused on the End Goal without Getting Sidetracked

Constantly working hard is not only exhausting, but also totally unmanageable unless your objectives are structured and clear. Individuals, companies and Managers can all lose sight of their main objectives, as attention wanders to smaller more apparent yet less important tasks; this known as drifting.

How do you know if you are drifting?

Drifting is usually an unconscious deviation from your productive routine. Are you giving a lot of attention to minor details? Focusing on trivial matters is a habit that allows avoidance and procrastination on tackling difficult and larger issues at hand. A confident leader knows the critical items he or she should concentrate on, and leaves the nitty-gritty to others.

The Donald Trump administration is an excellent example of when a leader has lost his vision and allows internal politics and squabbling to take its place. Several other world leaders are also falling prey to drift.

There are many similar lessons for a world leader who needs to retain his or her vision, and a business leader working to keep his company on the right track. Here are four suggestions for both to avoid drifting:

1. Identify the end-goal

Sometimes destinations for different priorities will appear irreconcilable with each other. The leader’s job is to make the compromises acceptable to avoid disaster, while ensuring that innovation is not sacrificed. Without a vision, no individual or organisation can develop.

2. Establish priorities

For a business leader, vital priorities include keeping the customers happy, developing and motivating employees, and creating new products and solutions to ensure the long-term survival of the company. The importance of innovation today cannot be overstated.

When setting priorities, leaders need to provide specific goals and not generic encouragement of the “everything will be better tomorrow” variety.

When a Manager’s priorities are clear, employees can easily understand and follow.

3. Build a brand

A society that takes pride in its identity is a happy one, just as a company conscious of what it stands for and the values it upholds is more likely to be a successful one.

Every employee within a company must find their distinctive edge in order to develop a clear identity –  which is the unique advantage they bring to the world, that allows it to stand apart from the rest.

If we fall prey to drifting, we could miss one of the many opportunities that come along with every challenge we face in the workplace, or in everyday life.