How to Successfully use Social Media to Find a Job

In today’s modern job market, more people are using online social platforms than ever before. Not only to advertise jobs, but to professionally network and even review candidates. Ensuring your online image creates the right first impression has become more important than ever.

LinkedIn is more of a business platform and probably the most relevant platform you can use to look for work. By creating a professional looking profile that includes your qualifications and recent job history in LinkedIn is a great place to get ahead. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are other more colloquial websites; however they can also be used to create a compelling online personality.

It is worth noting that nowadays HR departments are using social media accounts to assess preliminary candidates, so even if your Facebook profile is not intended to entice prospective employers, it is worth considering the type of content you post. We would recommend not sharing any offensive, strongly worded, or politically motivated posts. To be frank, you don’t know who is reading and who you could offend!

Many employers are using job groups in Facebook and LinkedIn to promote new positions and advertise when they are hiring. Using the groups feature on both platforms is an effective tool to refine your search to the location of the town or city that you are looking in. Groups provide access to thousands of job listings and are used by a proportionate number of job-seekers.
You can also connect and network with other peers in your industry. Search the directory in LinkedIn to find groups in your industry, join those that appear the most active, and you can then introduce yourself to the other members. Build your social profile by becoming known as a source for engaging content.

Remember, your online profile is just one method to look for work; there are a number of well-established recruitment agencies that you can start browsing, as well as a number of offline activities. Look in your local newspaper classifieds, while this is not the most modern approach, companies still use this to advertise positions.