HR Departments Assigning Higher IT Budgets in 2018

Almost three-quarters (73%) of HR departments are planning to restructure in the next year, in an effort to spend more time on strategy and transformational change towards IT and computer software programs.

A recent study conducted by the Monster UK, an online Recruitment Agency found that 93% of HR Managers said they felt held back in their tasks by routine administrative & operational tasks, which require lengthy emails or telephone conversations in order to complete.

The research also suggests the use of new technologies will give those working in the HR field more time to focus on strategic activity, with 91% saying it will improve their response time; with over 3/4s claiming it will entirely streamline the HR processes.

For many companies who responded to the survey, the restructuring efforts will place emphasis on the increased use of digital tools- with over half of department’s apportioning extra budget to technology throughout the course of 2018.

However the Director of Strategy at the CIPD cautions that the field must be careful to not become preoccupied by the digital movement. “It must still keep the ‘human element’ of the organisation, and remain a trusted place where employees feel they can go and raise their concerns accordingly.”

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