HR Operation Services

Improve your internal HR Department and refine processes within your company using Eltoma Corporate Services cost-effective administration services. We have trained HR professionals who can identify key development strategies for your business, by recognising, researching and analysing relevant human resources challenges. We can advise your business of strategic ideas and direction; bringing human resource aims in line with key organisational objectives.

Our trained HR Professionals are experts with employment laws and regulations in the jurisdictions of Cyprus, Singapore, Russia and the UK.

We can optimise the personnel within your organisation to:

  • Ensure the development of HR operations & financial strategies.
  • Estimate, forecast, and anticipating any trends and changes within your labour market.
  • Align your company’s monetary resources with your current and forecasted workforce.
  • Create long term and short term employee action plans measuring and analysing results.
  • Initiate any corrective actions where required, ultimately minimising the impact of inconsistencies within your business.


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Company Advice & Guidance

Your Managers and their teams can benefit from expert assistance if required through our qualified and experienced HR team. What is the correct procedure for the selection process of potential employees? Avoid any unfair employment or discrimination lawsuits through lack of understanding the employment laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

Cyprus Head Office:

Tel.: +357 25 02 50 34

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