Internships: What all Undergraduates Should do to Find a Fulfilling Career Path

While your life choices and career are what you make of them early on, here are some tips for undergraduates who want a career that fulfils them in ways that go beyond monetary reimbursement, and why choosing the right internships can positively shape the rest of your career.

The pressure for many undergraduates to take up internships during their time at University is very real. Ultimately many try to fit in two or three internships in one single area of qualification just to mention these companies on their CVs, whilst not really learning anything.

This isn’t recommended if you don’t know what field of work you’d like to be in after graduation: your goal in taking on placements should be to experiment with different career options, seeing if any catch your imagination for an exciting path to embark upon.

So only take up that internship at the bank if you are aiming for a career in banking; don’t lose out on accepting some placements out of pure interest, too. Regardless of how irrational or impracticable these alternative career paths may seem, you lose nothing by doing a wind check. Either way it will benefit you by giving you a broader perspective on the working world and how you can make a living and general lifestyle goals.

Don’t become disheartened if you don’t find your ultimate career goal or purpose after one placement. Keep trying, and make sure you learn as much as you can and talk to as many people during your internships as possible.

You’ll also get to see on a personal level how taking the typical office or business career can differ from the various other options available to all graduates, which is preferable to waiting until further down a badly matched career path to find out.