Looking for a career in accountancy personnel recruitment & finance? Start in the insurance sector.

The financial sophistication and complexity of the insurance sector create a starting point for trainee Accountants and hopeful financial professionals alike to develop their careers. As a result of insurance company’s nature; i.e. by being numerically oriented and making hundreds of transactions per day, this industry often implements accountancy recruitment graduates in order collate the transactions that require so much skill.

Accounting and finance professionals frequently start their careers in large insurance firms as trainee accountants where they take care of the books in corporate accounting for reporting, processing customer transactions and operations etc.; so if you are a recent graduate, try looking further afield as opposed to only accountancy and finance recruitment agencies. Insurance companies could be a great stepping-stone for your career.

Big insurance firms also use accountancy recruitment consultants to complete fiscal reports mandatory by regulators and governments. Nowadays when you look at the recruitment process for accountancy jobs, most need a bachelor’s degree in finance as a minimum and work experience as a bonus. Many companies now have additional requirements for their top-paying roles, such as having an accountancy certification, a master’s degree, or basic knowledge of accounting software.

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Specialists hiring top-level accounting positions at many insurance brokers have generally started their career by training and entering the finance and accountancy industry at entry level. Trainees can then work as Financial Analysts or in administrative roles after graduating, depending on the company’s needs and their skill set of course. After training in one area, changing to other departments within your company will give you a broad-based understanding of the company’s accounting, which can help advance your career in finance. If you decide to sign up to any consultancies, it’s a good idea to tell the recruiter of your plans to further your career in accounting and finance.

There are many accountancy and finance recruitment agencies, which can provide specialists of different training levels.

Companies looking to fulfill positions in management typically make accountancy personnel recruitment from insurance companies or public accounting firms that have experience with handling of clients in insurance, to ensure they hire personnel that have industry knowledge required to motivate sound financial decisions.

The insurance sector currently employs around 2.4 million professionals in the UK, so there’s plenty of challenging work for accounting and finance professionals; especially for university graduates, the sector can be a steady source of employment while you develop and gain experience in finance