Rules You Should Know Regarding LinkedIn Etiquette

LinkedIn is different from other social networks. While it may be social, it has a different feel to more relaxed platforms such as Facebook. Users act in a more professional manner, so while it may be obvious not to share your recent holiday snaps to Marbella, there are more subtle no-no’s to comply with. There are certain practices of LinkedIn etiquette that are never out rightly stated, only noticed.

Here are a few unwritten LinkedIn etiquette rules for new users or those more in tune with less professional platforms.

1. Take note of users contact policy.

LinkedIn allows users to set limits around how or if they want to be contacted. Since LinkedIn is swarming with recruiters, it pays to be aware of different user’s openness to new opportunities or outreach requests.

2. Stay active

LinkedIn penalises members who don’t log in on a regular basis. Active members typically get more invitation requests, opportunities, leads, and an increased response to posts due to being promoted more by LinkedIns algorithm. So if you want your profile to grow, post updates, share links, like statuses, and connect with the users you know, just be careful to not go overboard.

3. Use a professional photo for your profile.

Your LinkedIn photo speaks louder than everything written in your profile as it is the first thing to catch people’s eye. Users involuntarily make assumptions about you based on what they see in your profile picture, so ensuring it is modest and somewhat professional (for instance, not taken in a bar) will help your professional image online.

It may be worth your money to get a professional photo taken if you don’t have one available. Photos of pets and babies might be okay on Facebook, but LinkedIn is different.

4. Don’t give too many endorsements.

An endorsement-happy user may come across as if they’re looking for endorsements to be returned for themselves. It doesn’t take a LinkedIn expert to suspect the underlying motive behind an endorsement, even if you don’t intentionally do this!

LinkedIn can be one of the best methods for connecting with professionals and cultivating valuable leads. It remains a powerful form of online engagement for qualified individuals and lead generation. However it is only valuable when you comply with the unwritten rules regarding etiquette!