How to Train Your Brain to Become More Productive

In this article, we look at some strategies for not only coping with working life but thriving! Giving you pointers to fine-tune your mindset about your time in the office and help you make sure your day is as growth oriented as possible.

Don’t accept feelings of helplessness

Everyone has moments of feeling helpless; the test is how we respond to this sensation. We can either move forward and learn from our experience or let it consume and defeat us.

There a lot of examples of successful people who would have never made it if they had surrendered to feelings of vulnerability and helplessness: Henry Ford had two failed car companies prior to his success with Ford, and Steve Jobs was fired from Apple for constantly setting too unattainable goals.

Be passionate about your work

Empowered people pursue their passions relentlessly. There’s always going to be someone who’s more naturally talented than you are, but what you lack in talent, you can make up for in passion. Empowered people’s passion is what drives their unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

Warren Buffet recommends finding your deepest passions using, what he coined the 5-25 technique. He suggests writing down 25 things that you care about the most. Then, cross out the bottom 20. The remaining 5 are your true passions. “Everything else is merely a distraction.” He famously once quoted.

Always be willing to go the extra mile

Empowered people give it their all, even on their worst days. They’re always pushing themselves to go the extra mile. If you always put limits on what you can do, physically or mentally it will spread over into the rest of your life; into your work, principles, into your entire existence. Live as if you are not limited by anything, there are plateaus, however don’t stay there; try to always go beyond them.