Useful Strategies to Get Noticed in the Modern Job Market: 2019

Looking for a fresh start and new employment opportunities in the new year, however feeling bogged down with an outdated CV? We have prepared a few tips to help you get up to date in 2019 and stand out from the crowd!

Online job applications were revolutionary and offered a totally new and effective method of allowing job seekers to quickly apply for jobs at the click of a button. However, a decade later this has become the norm, in an over-saturated market filled with new graduates.

Most candidates know how to use keywords in their CV; with many now taking advantage of this feature. By taking the keywords from a job advertisement and including them in their CV before submitting it guarantees their profile will appear highly on the suggested matches for the recruiter. However, when too many candidates are “keyword qualified” for a job opening, most of them won’t even get asked to the interview stage.

So, how can you stay ahead of the recruitment game? See below for a list of our tips on contemporary job hunting in 2019:

Create a “target companies list” and refer to it when organising your job search. Don’t restrict yourself to those that have posted job adverts. Reach out to any company you like and want to work for. They will keep your CV on file and perhaps when something does arise you will be at the top of the list.

Start thinking about yourself as a brand rather than just a job-seeker; think as though you are consultant in your field. Everyone in business is effectively a consultant and everyone with even a few years’ experience can bring new ideas and something new to the table. Make business cards with your contact details and start giving it out to the new people you’re meeting, while this may be considered an older way to network, it can also be the most effective.

Remember that not every company is going to be the right fit for you. Company environments and policies are different and varied. You should approach each job interview with this in mind, be open, honest and confident. There will be a company that respects this and sees that you will fit in with their office culture. Rather than being that “cookie cutter perfect candidate”; sometimes a little diplomatic honesty will go further than giving bland responses and hoping interviewers like you.