Ways Technology Will Change Future Recruitment & Hiring Processes

Modern technology is changing every sector and industry around the world. This article proposes 3 ways that will effect HR functions and hiring processes in the next few years in Cyprus and Asia too:

1. Virtual reality (VR) simulations will help assess candidate skills

Virtual reality will enter the hiring process from both sides. Instead of answering a typical situational interview question, imagine being put in a VR simulation to see and assess your actual responses. While video is starting to be used by individuals to showcase their brand, those who can provide a VR experience to truly showcase their abilities will shine further.

2. The paper resume will eventually die out

The continuous advancements in technology coupled with the need to go green will eliminate the paper resume in the application process oftomorrow. LinkedIn and video resumes are the new marketing documents that will demonstrate a candidate’s understanding of the trends in the industry. There will also remain the need for keywords listed on LinkedIn profiles and stated in all marketing materials.

3. Jobseekers will use AI platforms to conduct thorough job searches

Savvy job seekers will embrace AI platforms that drive efficiency and advantage in job searches, resume development and video interviewing. These job seekers will embrace AI platforms that use machine learning, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), bots & apps, which will enable them to master engagement with the candidate ranking, resume scanning, biometric and psychographic systems used by employers for candidate selection.

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