Well Rested Employees: The Underrated Asset Behind Every Company

It’s no secret: everyone needs a good night’s sleep to perform to their fullest. However US Insurance Company Aetna is taking this to the next level. The firm has a company policy that offers their employees extra pay if they have had a solid 7 hours sleep the night before.

The scheme is implemented by staff voluntarily wearing a device that calculates and records how much sleep they get. The company also employs a system whereby a training video is watched by all staff members, showing tips on how to sleep soundly and fall asleep quickly. Staff also receive Twitter alerts reminding them the importance of getting a good night’s rest.

Aetna stated that the scheme ensures their employees complete tasks quicker and to a higher standard. However this may not be the only benefit. The University of Washington conducted a study that found that employees who miss out on their recommended daily sleeping hours by as little as 20 minutes have an increased likelihood to cheat on their tasks at work. Failing to get good quality sleep was found to have a similarly negative effect on ethics, as the study showed tired individuals were less likely to act in an ethically sound manner.

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Photo Credit: www.instagram.com/biggieblog/