Employer Tips: Why a Healthy Team is a Productive One

There are benefits to providing employees with a healthy working environment; by implementing the following ideas and nudging staff into healthier workplace behaviours can have a positive impact on employee absence and retention.

Nudging involves subtly changing the structure of the environment without limiting choice. For example putting fruit at eye level counts as a nudge; removing junk food does not.

Encourage Movement During the Working Day

Many employers are offering deals on fitness trackers and setting up informal competitions for your teams to see who can log the most steps. Simple steps such as using signage to encourage employees to take the stairs instead of using the lift would be a nice touch and great start for those wanting to start being more active.

Ensure Your Office Has a Comfortable Down-Time Area

You may want to start the day in a quiet corner preparing a presentation; hold that presentation in a formal meeting room and discuss the action points with your team in a break-out area. However not all offices are laid out in this way. “A well designed office encourages mobility and those casual encounters that lead to great ideas.” States Colin Stuart, an HR specialist with UK Company Baker Stuart.

Food Choices

Google notoriously cut its employees collective calorie intake by 3,000,000 over a 2 month period after positioning healthy foods in its canteen more prominently than junk food. Suggest employees download a number of free apps to help them monitor their daily calorie intake and overall make healthier choices throughout the day.

Great Coffee & Refreshments

You want your team to be innovative; however they are queuing down the road at Starbucks.  A company that implemented a team tea break for a few minutes every morning reported greater levels of collaboration and productivity by giving staff members the ability to interact and relax in the building.

Hydration is Key

Research from the US has shown that increasing the visibility and availability of drinking fountains and water stations dramatically improves consumption. Obviously you know the effects of drinking more water: improved mood, concentration and productivity levels. Generally making the office a more work friendly environment.