Why Ongoing Employee Training is Essential for any Company

“Ensuring that your company is learning faster than the opposition is the only way to sustain a competitive business advantage. This can be achieved by regular employee training seminars.”

This tactical notion has been around since the late 80’s after a publication was released from a Harvard Business Review; entitled simply: Planning as Learning. This has since been supported by several more recent research papers which have gone on to find substantial correlation between learning speed and business development in the form of innovation.

Despite this evidence, many companies in Europe were too slow to respond to the requirement for active learning and development. Many businesses have recently recognised that the capacity to not only attract a highly qualified workforce but also to retain them as a vital business issue with a huge impact on fundamental competitiveness.

There have been concerns regarding shortages of sufficiently qualified personnel across different academic spheres; one example in particular being the challenge of keeping up with the ever growing ICT and computing demand and the need for highly-skilled employees in the modern IT sector.

It is becoming increasingly apparent of the benefits for businesses that provide not only initial training, but also continued development for all departments as opposed to the costs associated with not doing so.

Training can be in the form of seminars, quarterly exams, or even revision bites that each team must work through independently in their own time as part of their tasks. Training seminars and short videos will ensure every staff member is confident in their role, while keeping mistakes to a minimum.

Eltoma Training Academy has created some sample video seminars for training teams of any size. Contact us for more details or to arrange a free demonstration.