Career Goals to Reach by Each Decade of Life

Are you entering the workforce shortly after graduating or looking to graduate in the next few years and wonder which career path to take in business? Multinational companies and start-ups are two entities offering similar services however their mode of operation is entirely different. With advantages and disadvantages to both, how can you tell which will be the correct path for you?

The comparison became under even more scrutiny when a long-standing former Google executive announced his departure from Google to join venture capital firm, Sequoia to help develop a new scale-up program for start-ups called Surge.

In planning for future jobs, think about where you see yourself in 10 – 20 years time; ultimately, trying to focus on what you can realistically achieve within each decade and how they could snowball into something valuable for your career path.

20’s Career Goals

Most people see their twenties as a transitional decade to gain news skills and relevant experience in a specific industry or function. However instead of using these years to specialise and learn what you’re good at and what type of career gives you the most fulfillment.

Experience points accumulated during your 20s are like shiny badges: Important to attract attention of headhunters or companies in the future. Get involved in other works like charity, or a pet project. They may grow into passive income streams or help you grow your network.

30’s Career Goals

Companies setting up large office spaces in Singapore are most likely supporting Asia-Pacific offices elsewhere in the region. If you are working in one of them, aim to get regional exposure. This would prepare you for future opportunities.

While relocation for an overseas assignment may mean three years or so in a foreign country, the achievement will be engraved in time on your resume.

Going overseas, moving beyond your comfort zone and proving that you can survive under ambiguity make you an asset in the eyes of future employers. If your current company doesn’t provide overseas placements or transfers, check out any of your works competitors can provide you with such opportunities.

Most importantly, the move should put you closer to what you would like to do next and where. If you’d like to break into the Singapore market, it would make more sense to join a company in Singapore.

40’s Career Goals

Professionals, managers and executives in their 40s will most likely be very highly skilled in their area of expertise. If you are 40 or above, and have yet to market yourself favourably, it’s never too late to build a personal brand. Open social media platforms such as LinkedIn or UpWork; go to networking sessions or groups for your area of work. Offer to speak at events and impart your previous experience to others upcoming in your industry.

This can make you a thought leader in the process and give you a firm career footing with decades of accumulated experience can  be a good way to align and pursue your version of meaning when you hit the big 5-0.