Do Genuine Work-from-Home Jobs Exist? Follow Our Guide to Avoid Scams

So, can you really work online from home and get paid? Thanks mainly to the rapid growth of the Internet and online technologies, the number of people who work from home in the UK has increased instantly to just under 4 million in 2015. Between 1999 and 2009, the virtual workforce increased by 700%.

Even so, when you’re browsing the internet, and see “best online work from home jobs!” or “work online from home and get paid!” should you cast a skeptical eye to all of them? Legitimate online work from home really exist, doesn’t it? Yes, of course there are real jobs that you can work from home online; however, common sense should definitely be used at your discretion!

For online job vacancies, work from home that promise a plethora of wild benefits, chances are it is a con, wanting you to enter your personal information, which may in turn be used fraudulently.

So how can you tell the legitimate postings from the scams? Look out for possible warning signs of potential scammers. Beware of job listings that:

  • Don’t clearly state the job description.
  • Need payment for a “starter kit” or “handbook” in advance.
  • Do not list a name or person to speak to regarding the position.
  • Promise high wages for doing a small amount of work.
  • Show extravagant homes, cars, and yachts on the advert.
  • Show large amounts of money in the advert. (Most legitimate recruiters leave salary’s off the initial posting due to being subjective for the individual candidate).
  • Make promises to help you out with your financial problems.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is

Essentially, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Bear in mind that only approximately 1 in 100 work-at-home opportunities are genuine. A real job (both in-house and work from home) will not ask you to pay for training, or for any materials, you’ll need to do the job. You don’t pay them, they pay you. If you follow this general rule when considering work from opportunities, you won’t lose any money immediately as some do with this kind of online scam.

One word of caution about looking for the best work from home opportunities in order to look after your children as well: lots of individuals have unrealistic expectations about how easy it will be to simultaneously look after children and effectively manage the workload online.


The effects of Covid-19 & work from home offers

Due to the recent pandemic and many offices  being forced to close due to government restrictions, many large companies and corporations have resorted to remote hiring and working in 2020, so now especially so, the perfect work from home jobs will be out there more than ever before, allowing you to find that perfect work-life balance that you’ve perhaps always dreamed of.