Does Your Office Environment Nurture Company Loyalty?

As a good Manager, you should inspire your employees to be loyal to you and your company otherwise you will face a continuous drain on resources for the rehiring and retraining process. Inspiring loyalty between your employees will lower the risk of them leaving the company with their training and specialist knowledge they have learnt to move on to a potential rival company with better prospects.

High employee turnover can become a vast drain of not only resources but time as well, and will directly affect productivity at your company as the endless changes often result in an unstable office atmosphere. Losing an employee in today’s market can be very costly for a company. Therefore, it is vital to learn how to ensure each candidate you hire will be loyal to you and the company.

Below are some tips on how to achieve this:

Gain the trust & respect of your employees

Nowadays being highly qualified is not enough. As a Manager you also need to earn the respect of all members within your team. In order to achieve this you need to constantly reflect appropriate leadership attributes such as reliability, honesty, humility, as well as showing a high level of expertise in your field. Employees who feel valued and respected for their contribution work harder and are less likely to change jobs. You can read our article here for more advice on earning your employees trust.


Give appropriate salaries & pay rises as they’re due

This sounds like an easy one, yet you’d be surprised how many top-level employees go years without a pay-rise in their current salary. Even during times of recession, paying appropriate salaries and providing sufficient remuneration will earn your employees’ loyalty faster than you would think. In the long run, you will see that paying good salaries are actually more profitable for your business. Try to think ahead in terms of company costs.


Encourage career progression

Look at your employees as humans with ambitions, dreams, and concerns. By encouraging them to grow professionally they will find it easier to acquire new qualifications & skills. This is a win-win scenario as not only will you have these skills to better your company, employees will likely stay in a job where they feel they can grow professionally.