How Can Start-Ups Attract & Retain Talented Employees?

Many new Business Owners and Managers for all emerging start-ups would agree that motivated, hardworking employees are the most valuable asset to any company.

Ensuring the company retains the brightest employees is what will ultimately determine whether the business thrives or fails. However, how can you attract and retain those talented individuals without being a well-known company or brand?

Innovative companies with modern working cultures realise this and have taken recruitment and retention efforts to the next level. Most of these tips are not groundbreaking, however sometimes it is the most understated gestures that can be the most valued by your workforce.

Generally speaking, even if your company hasn’t made a name for itself (yet!) almost everyone with an imagination can recognise potential when they see it, offer them an opportunity to be a key player in something huge, from the projects conception.


Tell candidates what sets your company apart.

By always giving your employees the benefit of the doubt will demonstrate your trust for them. Also trust their judgment; it can be easy for Managers to believe they have all the answers. However this thinking is shortsighted. The best Managers encourage new ideas, and as a result receive greater innovation and market effectiveness from their workforce.


Show your employees respect

This is one of the most critical factors in keeping your best talent.

A team that is treated professionally and with dignity has the drive to deliver their best work. By doing this also provokes respect for yourself as a Manager, so it’s self-perpetuating.

Even when employees enjoy the work they do and are compensated sufficiently financially, if they feel disrespected, their dedication will not stay for long. Without dignity, people not will only look for work elsewhere; they may seek revenge in their own way, subtle or not.


Be flexible in your hiring approach

You employees may have gone through recent changes in their family situation or needs that require you to be flexible with their working hours or even imaginative with their incentives.

Some surveys, for example, have stressed how important it is to certain people to be able to bring their dog to work with them. This is a simple example, but it’s the kind of situation where a little flexibility and exploring creative options might help keep a top performer happy and engaged.


Stay out of your employee’s way

As long as you have done your best throughout the hiring and training process, and you’ve given your employees the right tools and direction to do their job properly, then the best thing any Manager can do is get out of their employees’ way by demotivating or distracting them.


Praise and recognise their good work

Your employees want to be appreciated for their contributions; thanking them for a job well done is core to anyone’s feeling of value at any level. “When you publicly recognize staff members or departments, you also build loyalty.

The praise you offer should be objective, however, and never manipulative, or it will backfire. For example, if used to pit one group over another, given robotically, or in the same way every time, it will be counterproductive.


Ask your team about their ideas

When you ask employees for their input it sends the message, “We do pay you to think in this office” which not only demonstrates that you respect their knowledge, skill, and decisions.

As a matter of fact, it’s the one of the simplest forms of employee recognition there is, and yet one that too many leaders forget about. Especially if you consider that one of the most common reasons employees state their reason for leaving a company is because they felt underappreciated, it’s a modest and effective, way to show appreciation, as long as you are sincere.


Give your employees regular constructive feedback

This is partially related to giving your employees a sense of progress, because when someone knows they are progressing, usually they are aware of their good work. Giving the feedback also shows that you have an honest relationship and that is going to make people stick around. As well, it’s a matter of feeling connected and contributes to their need to keep improving and learning.

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