Internships & Temporary Roles: Why Candidates Should Take Them Seriously

Perhaps you have an upcoming interview for an internship and while you may think it is not important to prepare for the interview; you are mistaken. Read on to learn why internships and even temporary positions are just as important as full time roles, and why it can be an extremely significant stepping stone to further your career and an important addition to your CV or resume.

Several careers, networking connections and great opportunities result from both internships and temporary positions. In today’s competitive job market, having a degree is not the only requirement recruiters are looking for in certain technical roles. Work experience is not only preferred by employers, often it is obligatory for most full time, paid positions that also require a degree. Having work experience can be the pivotal factor that can make you stand out from other candidates with similar qualifications.

If you are under the impression that you have to make little effort to prepare for the interview, think again! Your mindset during the interview and throughout the placement can make a huge difference. Employers need high quality calibre candidates who, regardless of experience can be trusted with company information, know-how, and trade secrets.


Prepare well for the interview

Nowadays, all companies have a website where you can obtain key information about the business, including any background information. By learning information such as the company’s mission statement, you will show the interviewer that you have done your research and are therefore interested in the position.

Make sure to demonstrate enthusiasm where appropriate to show a positive attitude. Even if you only intend to keep the job temporarily, this must not be obvious in your answers. Think how this opportunity can help your career in the long run.


Consider it an opportunity to further your career

While you may not be considered for a full time role during the initial interview. Showing your ability to work hard and apply yourself during your internship could mean you are considered for a full time or paid position at the same company or subsidiary firm.

All companies need motivated and dedicated employees. The partnership could work out well for both yourself and your employer. Perhaps the company is not in a position to offer you a permanent role at that time; however you may be considered at a later date for a similar role or other opportunities that arise. Always give 100% during the interview and throughout your placement with the company.

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