Looking for Work in Singapore? These Skill Sets are in High Demand

If you are thinking of relocating to Singapore, there are a number of factors to consider, the main one being your employ-ability in a new culture and economy. We have comprised a list of skills that are currently in demand in the Singapore market, which would be great to get into if you are considering a career change.


Data Analysis.

This is an extremely versatile skill set to have in most parts of the world, however especially in the current supply-demand requirements in Singapore. Data analysis is used across a wide range of industries, to help companies make better business decisions.  While there is something to be said about the level of concentration required to spend your day’s number crunching and looking at data; it is a highly demanded area at the moment.


ICT & Software.

From security, IT support roles to web design and programming, IT skills are without a doubt an essential skill to have in this modern age we live in. For Singapore this is not surprising given the booming Information Technology sector, and the rapid growth of the transformation of Singapore into a “Smart Nation”.

Moreover, when the 2020 Singapore Budget was released, the government also revealed their plans to introduce more programs in sectors such design and ICT in a bid to help the population to adapt to the evolving IT based job demands in Singapore.


Digital Marketing.

Along with the above point, we cannot ignore the changing times and consumers who heavily rely on the internet and various media devices to keep them connected, digital marketing has also evolved at a faster rate than there are skilled individuals in this area.  Digital marketers are sought-after by brands wanting to reach their target consumers in an effective way. The demand for online marketing techniques such as SEO, SEM, Google Analytics and CRM will only continue to grow as technology does.


Compliance Officers.

Together with an exponential rise in the number of financial products available in Singapore over recent years, banking solutions have also become more and more complex. Along with this increase, rules to combat tax evasion and money laundering have become more strict; it is only natural that more regulatory and compliance roles will be required on the island.


Bookkeeping & Accounting.

The Singapore Government have been running initiatives to establish the island as a leading global hub for accounting in the Asia-Pacific region. As a result of this initiative, Singapore’s accounting sector expanded by SGD $1.7 billion last year. If you are qualified in this field, you have really good odds at finding work in the Singapore economy.


Life Sciences & Healthcare.

Due to Singapore’s rapidly aging inhabitants, this probably comes as no surprise that healthcare is in high demand at the moment. Great if you enjoy caring for others, and if you’re contemplating making a move to Singapore and are in the healthcare sector, you will have a number of opportunities available to you such as physiotherapy and various types of nursing positions.