Talking About Salaries & Pay Rises in 2019

Given the ever-rising cost of living due to inflation, getting a pay rise is something most of us have considered at some point or another. Especially following the financial crisis throughout Europe, the UK and other EU countries are experiencing the worst standstill on wages in over a century.

According to statistics, average weekly salaries are €17 euros lower than they were in 2009, and by 2020 Europe may have seen the worst decade of earnings growth since the first world war! The key to getting a high paying job relies on the understanding that it’s not the most skilled candidate that gets the calls, its those who select their opportunities carefully, not spreading themselves too thin; waits for the right time and plan of attack; additionally you can try:

Finding another job, ideally with another employer

People who stay in the same job earn less than those that take up a new position. The typical real (adjusting for inflation) pay rise for someone staying in the same job last year was just 1.2%, however it was 5.6% for someone who got a new job.

This is perhaps unsurprising, a lot of people may only change jobs if they know there’s a hefty financial incentive to do so. What’s also clear in the statistics is that, unfortunately loyalty doesn’t always pay.

Those that switch companies, on average, earn 1% more than those who get promoted and this includes those switching involuntarily, perhaps because they were made redundant or fired. For those that move voluntarily, the salary rate is even higher.

Enlist the help of a recruitment agency

A recruitment agency will look for candidates that best fit the job description and requirements, not the people with the highest qualifications or the most experience.

be better equipped to create the right kind of profiles on social media and to write a compelling CV, if you know the career path you would like. If you haven’t established a career plan or thought about the career progression steps you want to achieve, you definitely need to start thinking about them.

Only once you are aware of the roles and companies you’d like to impress can you start contacting the relevant recruiters. Knowing your ideal roles beforehand ensures you are more prepared to talk with recruiters. They will also notice you are career-driven and know what you want from your career. This ensures they don’t try to match you with jobs that are clearly not suitable for you.

Set clear goals

You should also be aware of the kind of salaries you are looking for and set clear goals as to where you want to be. You don’t want to accept interviews for jobs that don’t meet your salary expectations or spend time applying for jobs with insufficient benefit packages.

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