Why Diverse Teams Require Increasingly Personalised Technology

Regarding the use of technology within companies, a one-size-fits-all approach certainly does not work. As the labour force is becoming more diverse, a global standard more varied in terms of age and race is evolving. As such, companies are starting to understand the importance behind how a workforce demands tailored technology.

Having the right systems in place can be a key to bringing out the best in this developing, all-encompassing labour force, which goes beyond ethnicity. The working age gap is continually expanding, and it’s important for companies to develop with diversity in mind.

Technology is making it easier for companies to achieve a higher level of diversity in the workplace. many HR experts and CEOs have strived for diversity in the office, with many believing it is key to increased productivity and evolution in today’s modern working environment.

The key for companies Is to design an end-user technology environment that supports all types of workers, regardless of their roles. With these types of tools, the company can be more inclusive than it might be with a more traditional technology infrastructure. Managing diversity in the workplace has become easier through constant developments in technology.

Prominently, senior executives within the ICT and HR sectors are starting to understand the link between the two sectors and constantly consider diversity whist planning end-user technology placements.

Age should play an important role when considering technology’s use and adoption, and making the wrong decisions on hardware and software can impact a company’s ability to retain long standing employees. For recent graduates, many grew up using technology from a young age, and are redesigning the meaning of the word office; IT departments should be working to add flexibility to the way they’re supporting such forward-thinking ideas.

It’s not only about providing the right technological tools and devices so employees can complete their tasks effectively; IT and HR departments should work together to offer an overall workplace ecosystem that appeals to these younger workers.

As part of the report, a leading UK Recruitment company surveyed 560 IT experts and employees across all industries in the US, Australia, India and the UK asking whether the cost to tailor devices and ecosystems is worth the expenditure, and found that respondents replied in the following ways:

  • 80% agreed that it would increase efficiency and productivity.
  • 85% agreed that by enabling the workforce in this way would also motivate the decision making.
  • 89% agreed that it improves the overall employee experience.
  • 79% stated that it would help people make quicker business decisions.

An inharmonious HR and technological team can disrupt every part of the business model; companies must enable their employees using multiple but equitable workforce engagement tools which in turn will benefit the company including but limited to the following ways:

  • Enhance both the younger and older employee experience.
  • Boost productivity for all levels and ages of workers.
  • Allow for a shorter decision-making process in management.

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