Writing Effective Job Titles to Attract the Right Candidates, the First Time

Writing the most effective job titles that will maximise the chances of finding the highest qualified candidates to fill positions within your company can be tricky to navigate for any first time HR manager.

Over time you will learn exactly what to write in order to attract the right candidates, during the first recruitment drive: maximise your efforts without wasting time on running multiple campaigns and meeting with unsuitable candidates.

Below are some of the most effective dos and don’ts when it comes to producing the best job titles possible:

Do’s- How to attract the right candidate

Use job titles that seem to be popular among job seekers. For instance, Air Stewardess is an old fashioned term that is more commonly referred to as Flight Attendant nowadays. You will miss out on many qualified candidates that search for modern terms.

Using the correct terminology which gives all the appropriate information to a candidate before they have even clicked on the link to read the full position. Examples of such terms could be Internship, Part-time or Temporary. This will save your HR team from sorting through from paying for clicks from Candidates that will not be interested.

  1. Great HR Managers and Recruiters will always try to be as clear and succinct as possible. Having a sound knowledge of the general recruitment remit will allow you to write strong headlines for job openings. The approach that Marketers take to write advertising headlines is the same approach you should be taking to attract applications to your open positions.

Don’ts- What to say to attract the wrong candidate

  1. Don’t use fashionable buzz-words such as ninja or wizard, as they may not be clear for everyone that wants to apply. People are much more likely to search for the job title Social Media Marketer not Social Media Wizard. This may seem like an obvious one!
  2. Don’t use abbreviations, as they can easily be missed out from a comprehensive search. Where possible use the official and full job title.

A strong headline provokes intrigue and engagement from potential Candidates, maintaining the successes of the business with strong Candidates applying for positions.